Block set Cupolas

Raduga Grez

Creativity and Imagination
Motor Skills
Spatial Awareness

This block set from Raduga Grez contains 48 wooden blocks in the theme "Cupolas" and invites children to create the most beautiful unique structures while also developing spatial perception skills. The variety of organic shapes inspires fantasy and imagination.

Young children use this to practice their perception of size and comparison and explore logical order. It exercises fine motor skills but also trains reasoning, problem solving and hand-eye coordination. Older children who have more experience with building will immediately come up with many creative possibilities.

Due to the special shapes and beautiful colors, this set is like a work of art and it also looks beautiful in the baby / children's room or in the house.

  • The set consists of 48 blocks in different shapes
  • Handmade in Russia from solid lime wood
  • Finishing with water-based paint and natural linseed oil
  • Dimensions box 45cm x 23cm
  • Age 1+ years

The block shapes of Raduga Grez are made of solid lime wood.
The toy is painted with non-toxic water-based paint and is not lacquered but finished with natural linseed oil. This preserves the natural texture and gives the wood a soft feel.
The blocks have no sharp corners and are 100% safe for your child and for the environment.

Build the tallest tower or longest wall.
Find pictures of famous buildings on the Internet, such as Hagia Sophia or Saint Basil's Cathedral, and discuss the function of these buildings.
Put the pieces together one by one and try not to let the structure collapse.

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