Block set Earth Rainbow

Raduga Grez

Creativity and Imagination
Motor Skills
Spatial Awareness

Blocks are a must-have for your toy collection and are suitable for babies from 6 months. First your baby learns to hold a block in his hands, then he knocks over towers of blocks, then he builds his own towers, and finally he can build an imaginary world or city. Playfully, playing with blocks stimulates fine motor skills, spatial thinking and creativity.

  • The set contains 20 blocks
  • Handmade in Russia from solid lime wood
  • Finishing with water-based paint and natural linseed oil
  • The blocks are 4cm x 4cm x 4cm
  • Age 6+ months

The blocks of Raduga Grez are made of solid lime wood.
The toy is painted with non-toxic water-based paint and is not lacquered but finished with natural linseed oil. This preserves the natural texture and gives the wood a soft feel.
The blocks have no sharp corners and are 100% safe for your child and for the environment.

Build the tallest tower possible, pretend to be the wind and try to blow it away.
Stack small turrets and play bowling.
Build together, taking turns adding one cube at a time.
Name colors and learn to count with the blocks.
Build a house for your small world play story.

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