Abel Blocks 12

Abel Blocks

Concentration & memory
Creativity & fantasy
Spatial awareness

With 12 blocks, this is a perfect package to get acquainted with the creative possibilities of Abel Blocks. Building towers, laying surprising figures and mandalas and exciting balancing games are among the possibilities.

The unique shape and impressive size of the blocks ensure that everything you build with the Abel Blocks immediately looks special and beautiful. Abel Blocks promotes fine motor skills, concentration, perseverance, creativity and fantasy. It's also great play material for teaching kids how to work together.

  • 12 Abel Blocks blocks
  • The set comes in a beautiful wooden box
  • The blocks are made of beech wood, in the Ostheimer sawmill
  • Age 1+ years

Made with love and by hand from FSC beech wood.

Abel Blocks is available in 3 different sets: 12 Blocks, 24 Blocks, 75 Blocks.
The smaller version, Abel Blocks Mini, is available in: 12 Blocks, 36 Blocks, 66 Blocks.
Wipe with a damp cloth or special toy cleaner.

The shape of the blocks allows you to make a circle with them. Create an animal house for farm animals or a pond in small world play.
Combine the blocks with loose parts and create beautiful mandalas.
Stack the blocks. Build a tower or a castle wall with it. Due to their shape, the blocks are extra challenging when it comes to balance.

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