Balance board - Board super confetti classic


Creativity & imagination

The balance board "Stapelstein board super confetti" is p Perfect for balance exercises and dynamic sitting, but also for lounging and combining with the normal Stapelstein stones. The new color is a combination of the pastel and original color of Stapelstien.

Stapelstein is a multifunctional open-ended toy. It requires active play and is stimulating motor development. The stones offer endless play possibilities and challenge children to come up with creative solutions. Move. Play. Create!

Stapelstein can be used both indoors and outdoors and all stones and balancing boards can be combined with each other.

  • 1 Stapelstein board in super confetti color
  • Made from lightweight recyclable EPP ( expanded polypropylene)
  • Weight stacking stone: 268 gr. and loadable up to 120kg
  • Dimensions: 35.5cm x 8.5cm
  • Age: 1+ years

Open-ended play has no imposed game pattern and no predetermined end result. It provokes a high degree of ingenuity, creativity and fantasy because children can determine the content themselves. This means that the toy does not get boring quickly and children can enjoy it for years to come.

The Stapelstein stones are made of a lightweight material (Polypropylene/PP05) and can easily be recycled. They are light weight, 180g. Resistant to cold and heat. Odourless. Water resistant. 100% recyclable and easy to clean.

Who can stay on the balance board the longest?
Can it also be done on one leg?
Make a course with the other Stapelstein stones.
Both stand on a balance board and try to push each other off. Who will stay standing the longest?

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