Bamboo Alphabet Letters

Wee Gallery

Language and Communication

Beautiful sustainable "Bamboo Alphabet" set from Wee Gallery. The set offers many fun opportunities to discover the alphabet, words, letters and sounds. 26 sturdy pieces of sustainable bamboo. Combine the wooden letters with objects from your home or in combination with the Wee gallery flashcards and turn it into an educational game.

  • 26 sturdy wooden letters made from sustainable bamboo
  • Size letters length 6 cm, thickness 1.59 cm
  • Age 3+

Made from sustainable bamboo wood.
Wipe with a damp cloth or special toy cleaner.

Choose a letter and look for an object from home that starts with the letter.
Combine with the alphabet cards from Wee Gallery and place the correct letter with the correct card.
Put the letters in the correct order of the alphabet or empty your name. Name the sounds.

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