Rainbow Ball Run Expansion Pack 66 pcs


Concentration & memory
Creativity & imagination
Motor skills
Spatial awareness

Discover the endless possibilities of Connetix with this set "Piece Ball Run Expansion Pack 66 pieces". The set contains transparent, colorful, magnetic tiles that allow you to play and build with 2D and 3D shapes. This stimulates spatial insight, problem-solving skills, hand-eye coordination and fine and gross motor skills.

Connetix is ​​an open-ended toy. Open ended game has no imposed game pattern and no predetermined end result. It therefore provokes a high degree of ingenuity, creativity and fantasy because children can determine the interpretation themselves. This means that the toys do not get bored quickly and children enjoy them for years to come.

The tiles are available in a wide variety of colors and shapes, allowing children to create their own unique creations.

  • Ball Run Expansion Pack 66-piece rainbow
  • The set consists of: 36 x connecting squares, 2 x bowls, 6 x rectangular tubes (90 degree bend), 6 x U-shaped tubes (180 degree bend), 8 x spiral tubes, 2 x X-shaped tubes, 6 x wooden balls, inspiration booklet.
  • Made of ABS plastic. Free of lead, phthalates and BPA.
  • Size small squares: 7.5cm x7.5cm
  • Age: 3+ years

The Connetix are made of food-safe ABS plastic that is BPA-free and contains no latex or phthalates. The magnetic blocks, which are made of sturdy plastic and strong ceramic magnets and stainless steel rivets, are welded to last for years to come. The colors are vibrant, very bright and made only from high-quality, non-toxic materials, with a finish that is resistant to scratches and dents. The Connetix have a striking resemblance to stained glass and are completely translucent, with vibrant colors that won't fade or become foggy over time.

Come up with your own creation such as a house, castle, farm, zoo, parking garage, rocket, ship or a high tower. Or grab the inspiration booklet and copy something. Make sorting trays with the Connetix tiles. Grab your loose parts and sort by color. Build the tiles against the windows and discover the incidence of light through the tiles. You can draw the shadows that fall on the ground on paper. Place different colored tiles on top of each other. What colors are emerging now? Cut out a magnifying glass shape from a piece of cardboard. Cut a square from the center and place a Connetix tile in it. Do some research and discover the power of light play. Hang notes with letters on a magnetic board (eg flash cards). Write the alphabet on the Connetix tiles with chalk (marker). Match the letters on the tiles with the letters on the board.

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