Large Wooden Rainbow - Pastel


Creativity & imagination
Spatial awareness

The iconic wooden rainbow 'Large Rainbow Pastel' from Grimm's. This is the example of open-ended toys. Smaller children stack, sort and build with the arches. As children get older, they use the arches for more complex structures and in imaginative play scenes; A cradle for dolls, a fence for animals, a tunnel or bridge for cars or a ball run.

Open-ended play has no imposed game pattern and no predetermined end result. It therefore provokes a high degree of ingenuity, creativity and fantasy because children can determine the content themselves. This means that the toy does not get boring quickly and children can enjoy it for years to come.

  • Wooden rainbow, 12 arches
  • Nice to combine with Grimm's Semicircles and Building Planks
  • Made of oiled lime wood, painted with safe water-based paint
  • Dimensions: 38cm long, 18cm high
  • Age: 3+ years

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