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Language & Communication
Emotions & Social Behavior

Reading is good for language development. It increases and enriches the vocabulary, making it easier for children to put their own thoughts into words. Reading can also contribute to social development. Children can put themselves in the shoes of different characters and learn that one person can think differently about a situation or event than another. Reading also improves concentration and can stimulate the imagination.

Children are getting busier: this is how you recognize mental overload.
Children have to go to school. They have to exercise. Playing with friends and girlfriends. Play a musical instrument. And always do their best and be the best. Of course parents want the best for their child, but unnoticed we saddle our children with a full agenda and an even fuller head. The mental pressure that this causes often manifests itself in physical complaints and changes in behaviour.

How do you recognize mental overload in your child?
How do you deal with this as a parent or caregiver?
Handles to restore balance
Including accessible exercises with Mo de Maki

  • Aline Native Id Hammou
  • Number of pages: 160
  • Size: 13.6cm x 21cm
  • Children who are read to have a familiar feeling with books, so there is a good chance that they will later become enthusiastic readers themselves. They will be able to read independently more quickly. They will also be less bored at school, they are more eager to learn, they have a broader general knowledge and they develop better. Psychologist Aline Nativel provides insight into the behavior of your son or daughter and your own expectations and pitfalls. The best for your child helps your child be a child again. For readers of The book you wish your parents had read and The highly sensitive child.'Fewer and fewer children can meet the demands their parents make of them.' Professor Laura Batstra, RU Groningen,'De lat is higher than before. If you are not careful, you will push your child beyond his limits before he starts secondary school.' Child psychologist and author Tischa Neve, rtlnieuws.nlBinding method: paperback Edition: 1 Publication date: August 2021

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