Hexbug Nano + flash - 5 pcs


Creativity & imagination

The hit of the moment; Hexbug Nano, for imaginative play. This set consists of 4 Hexbug Nano and 1 Nano Flash which is even bigger, faster and emits light.

The micro robot creature zooms itself around with the power of vibration technology. He walks until he can go no further and then turns around again. If he lands on his back, he tries to land on his feet again. The slim design makes it even faster and races at full speed.

Release the Hexbug in a maze built from blocks or magnetic tiles and discover how he finds his way. Or create a course and see how quickly he gets through it. You can also compete. Which Hexbug will reach the exit or finish line the fastest? A nice addition to your toy collection!

  • 4 Hexbug Nano + 1 Hexbug Nano Flash incl. batteries ( AG13 / LR44 )
  • Batteries can also be ordered separately
  • Age: 3+ years

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