Large wooden Balls - Pastel


Creativity & imagination

Endless fun with these solid wooden balls 'Pastel Balls' from Grimm's. Sort the balls by color in Stapelstein stones or sorting trays or use them in a ball run.

For a 1-year-old, this set is the favorite 'in-and-out' toy. Around the age of 1, children start exploring objects by putting them in containers and other toys and taking them out again. This helps develop both fine motor skills and cognitive skills, such as spatial awareness and problem solving. 

  • 6 solid wooden balls in pastel color, in 'egg box'
  • Made from maple, painted with safe water-based paint
  • Ball size: diameter 4.5 cm
  • Box dimensions: 15cm x 10cm x6c
  • Age: 1+ years

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