Wooden sorting bin


Creativity & Imagination
Logic & Arithmetic

The Grennn wooden sorting bin is made of beech wood and is perfect for offering children different, loose materials in an orderly manner to stimulate loose parts play. Loose parts play involves playing with a collection of open-ended materials. This stimulates the development of creativity, problem-solving skills and critical thinking skills.

The sorting bin helps with sorting and classifying. Children like to sort their toys into colours, shapes and sizes. Sorting is a beginning math skill. Sorting helps children understand that things are the same and different, and that they can fit in and be organized into certain groups. It helps them apply logical thinking to mathematical concepts and logical thinking in general in everyday life.

  • Wooden sorting bin. Wooden lid can be ordered separately.
  • Made of FSC certified BIO plywood with a hardwood top layer.
  • Size: 40cm x 50cm x 7cm
  • Age: 2+ years

Each sorting bin is handmade from natural and sustainable FSC-certified BIO plywood and finished with Hardwax oil with child-safe quality mark (EN 71.3).

The sorting bins have unique wood grains and spots that are naturally present in the wood. This shows the true beauty and character of the natural wood.

Not suitable for water.

The color of the wood may differ slightly from the image shown.

Only allow children to play with the sorting bin under supervision.

Prepare loose parts play and fill the bin with loose materials.

Or do this together with your child and let him put his favorite treasures in the sorting bin.

Sort by color. 1 color in each box.

Or sort by shape.

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