Wooden play box - closing lid - small 30x40cm


Creativity & imagination

This wooden closing lid is made for the Grennn wooden play box. If you have finished playing and want to store the contents in the play box, the matching lid is a nice addition. With this lid you can store the play box quickly and easily.

  • Wooden closing lid for the Grennn small play box
  • Made of FSC certified BIO plywood with hardwood top layer.
  • Dimensions: 30cm x 40cm
  • Age: 2+ years

Each play box is handmade from natural and sustainable FSC-certified BIO plywood and finished with Hardwax oil with child safe quality mark (EN 71.3).
The play areas have unique wood grains and spots that are naturally present in the wood. This shows the true beauty and character of the natural wood.
Not suitable for water.
The color of the wood may differ slightly from the image shown.
Only allow children to play with the play area under supervision.

Prepare the play area.

  • Choose a theme, such as dinosaurs, underwater world, unicorns or a season / ritual such as Sinterklaas, Christmas.
  • Fill the play box with a base such as play rice in a suitable color, kinetic sand or clay.
  • Add scoops, sieves, containers and wooden play tweezers.
  • Complete the box with play figures that match the theme. They may also be abstract figures. For example, a block can also function as a hay bale. Children have the space to give meaning to it and create their own world.
    You can also let your child do this last step himself.

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