Wooden numbers - counting blocks

The Little Coach House

Concentration & Memory
Logic & Arithmetic
Motor Skills

With these counting blocks "Number counting blocks" from The Little Coach House you learn numbers and their value in a playful way and you stimulate fine motor skills.
Each block has a number carved and a corresponding number of holes. You can transfer these with your finger or the stick, or fill with sand, beads, rice or felt balls. The size of the blocks also corresponds to the value of the number : the higher the number, the larger the block. Sort the blocks from largest to smallest in the supplied holder.
This set of wooden counting blocks is a sensory, educational tool with endless learning/play possibilities.

  • Wooden holder, 10 wooden counting blocks, wooden outline stick
  • Made from sustainable, solid FSC beech wood
  • Holder size: 31cm x 9cm. Smallest counting block: 10cm x 7cm. Largest counting block: 23cm x 7cm.
  • Age: 4+ years

The products of The Little Coach House are handmade from sustainable, solid FSC beech wood and finished with a natural crude oil.

All products are CE tested.

The products of The Little Coach house are teaching aids. Always use these under adult supervision.

Sort the blocks in the holder from largest to smallest and smallest to largest. Make it a game with a dice. Roll 1 or 2 dice and take the corresponding counting board. Every time you throw the same number again you can fill a hole with rice/felt ball/sand on your counting board. Do you throw the number off your opponent's counting board? Then you can empty a hole with him and fill one of your choice. Finally, all counting boards are off the table and filled. Count the points. Each filled hole is worth 1 point, the counting boards are worth the corresponding number. Who has the most points?

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