Wooden workbench box

Tré Timber Toys

Creativity & imagination
Emotions & social behavior
Logic & arithmetic skills
Language and communication

A wooden box 'Cloud Box' from the Spanish brand Tré Timber Toys. The box can be transformed into a workbench in no time with a tool rack to hang the material and a perforated shelf to use your tools. The hammer, screwdriver and square are included.

While playing a role play, children pretend. They create scenarios, take on roles and solve problems. This helps in the development of creative thinking, imagination and logical reasoning.

  • Wooden box with hanging rack, hammer, screwdriver and square
  • Additional work tools available separately
  • Made from sustainable birch and beech wood
  • Delivered assembled
  • Dimensions 15cm x 39cm x 23cm
  • Age: 3+ years

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