Jungle animal set puzzle


Spatial Awareness
Creativity and Imagination
Concentration and Memory
Motor Skills

Various animals hide in the lush undergrowth of this double-sided Jungle Puzzle. The abstract images depict the exotic animals and when you take the puzzle apart you have 11 different figures to play with.

Play figures stimulate children's imagination and creativity. They empathize with their favorite characters and act as if they “are” these characters during play. In these different roles, they strengthen their imagination and create whole new worlds.

Doing puzzles is good for the motor development of young children. Because children have to put the pieces exactly in the right place, they develop better hand-eye coordination. The cognitive development of children also benefits from putting together a puzzle. This is how children learn to recognize shapes. In the beginning these are simple shapes. Later this gets more complicated and they learn to recognize the abstract shapes of a jigsaw puzzle. In addition, memory is also stimulated.

  • A puzzle and 11 figures in one
  • Play figures: elephant, giraffe, lion, crocodile, gorilla, birds, snake, chameleon
  • Is made from solid beech wood from sustainably planted forests in Poland.
  • Puzzle size: 21.5cm x 17cm x 1.3cm
  • Age of playing figures: 1.5+ years
  • Puzzle age: 3+ years

Bajo's wooden toys are made from wood from sustainably planted forests in Poland, respecting the European eco-standards of wood production. Each toy has a very high quality finish, is treated with natural non-toxic, water-based paints based on natural components, as well as oil to protect the wood. The toy and packaging are made of natural materials and can be easily recycled. Remove all packaging before giving it to a child. Do not use sharp objects to remove the packaging. Clean the surface of the toy only with a damp cloth or with a special toy cleaner. Do not expose this toy to high temperatures or high humidity. Under these conditions the wood can bend and deform. We recommend adult supervision of very young children playing.

You can also use the animals for a balancing game. Stack the animals on top of each other. How high can you stack them? Use the animals in sensory play. For example, put green rice in a play bowl and imitate the jungle. Draw an outline of the animals on a piece of paper and color them.

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