Just Blocks - Smart Lines small

Just Blocks

Creativity & Imagination
Spatial Awareness

You build, create and learn with Just Blocks. This creative set "Smart Lines small" from Just Blocks consists of several wooden blocks with slots and wooden boards that fit into the slots. You can build countless constructions this way; horizontal, vertical, crossing or diagonal. From parking garage to dream castle.

Just Blocks are open-ended toys. Open ended game has no predetermined end result. It is a toy without an imposed game pattern. It therefore provokes a high degree of ingenuity, creativity and fantasy because children can determine the interpretation themselves. This means that the toys do not get bored quickly, so that children can enjoy them for years to come.

Playing with Just Blocks not only promotes creativity, but is also good for hand-eye coordination, motor skills and spatial awareness.

  • 92 Piece Set: 4 Flat Medium Blocks, 50 Stick Blocks, 8 Horizontal Line Blocks, 8 Diagonal Line Blocks, 8 Intersecting Line Blocks, 6 Vertical Line Blocks, 8 Flat Large Blocks
  • Made of beech wood and plywood
  • Packing size: 24cm x 21.5cm x 11.2cm
  • Age: 3+ years

Just Blocks are ecologically made from beech wood without being chemically treated with preservatives, paint or oil. The flat blocks are made of plywood. There are four types of wood elements and each block size and shape has been rigorously tested to support and enhance a child's motor skills and innate brain development. All Just Blocks products comply with EN-71 and ASTM F963-17.

Combine Just Roads with other Just Blocks set(s), your favorite cars and play figures to create an imaginary dream city.

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