Kinetic sand


Creativity & Imagination
Motor Skills

Kinetic sand "Magic Sand" from Grennn can be used in sensory play, for example in a play box . Where normal sand slips between the fingers and can also cause everything to get dirty (especially in combination with water), magic sand is a special kind of sand that sticks together, as it were.

Children can explore the magical sand with their hands or with tools such as a shovel or a bowl . Nice figures can be made with cutters and it is even sturdy enough to build with. It helps children develop their fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and sensory awareness. It also provides a fun and therapeutic outlet and is de-stimulating.

We recommend 3 kg of magic sand for a well-filled play area.

The kinetic sand is easy to clean up. The sand can be put back in the packaging and stored in a dry place. Or store the sand in the play bin and close it with the lid

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