Color memory

Small foot

Concentration & Memory
Motor Skills

Color memory game from the Educate series from Small Foot. In this popular memory game, the goal is to find the matching colors. The colored die indicates which color must be found. The 24 game pieces can be easily placed in the game board.
Roll the dice to determine which color to look for. If you have found 2 of the same, you can keep the game pieces. Whoever has found the most colors in the end wins. To lower the level of difficulty you can also play the game without the dice.

An attractive memory game that will keep younger children entertained and at the same time train their fine motor skills, color recognition, concentration and memory.

  • Basic board and 24 colored pawns
  • Made from FSC® 100% certified wood
  • Size: 17cm x 5cm
  • Age: 4+ years

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