Chalk markers - assorted - 32 pcs



Nice set of liquid chalk markers from Starkson. An assortment of 32 colors (standard, metallic, neon) to be used on the 'Lille Hus' blackboards. Dry quickly and are easily erasable.

  • 16 standard colors, 8 metallic colors, 8 neon colors, 32 pieces replaceable tips, 1 tweezers, microfiber cloth, magnetic wiper
  • Age: 3+ years

With the metallic & neon markers you can start drawing immediately, with the standard markers you must first shake them well with the cap closed before the markers can be used. Press the tip twice to de-aerate the marker as follows. As follows, gently press the tip on a practice paper until the paint begins to flow. You are ready to create the most beautiful works of art! After drawing, the points can be cleaned with water and the markers can be stored horizontally for best results.

CE certified. Recommended age 3+ years.

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