Magnetic tile toppers - highway 40-piece

Learn and grow toys

Spatial awareness

With these highway parts 'Magnetic Tile Topper - Road Pack' from 'Learn and Grow Toys' you get even more fun from your magnetic tiles. You can, as it were, 'stick' them to magnetic tiles such as Connetix, Magna Tiles and Cleverclixx. The perfect addition to 'small world play' with your magnets.

Small world play is a form of pretend play in which children create mini scenes and worlds with toys. It promotes the cognitive, social, emotional and motor development of children. It offers space to discover, create and learn in a playful and imaginative way.

  • 40 highway parts; 17 straight stretches of road, 8 bends, 4 intersections, 6 T-intersections, 5 parking spaces.
  • Made of cardboard
  • Age: 3+

Please note: the highway toppers are not magnetic in themselves. They do 'stick' firmly to magnetic tiles.

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