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Beautifully illustrated "Nature Number Cards" with numbers and animals for babies and toddlers.

The shapes and repetitive patterns of the illustrations invite babies to observe and discover. A visual stimulus and viewing pleasure for babies.
It's a fun way for toddlers to learn numbers and counting.

  • 24 sturdy cards with rounded corners
  • Printed with soy ink on recycled FSC cardboard
  • The cards have a laminated layer on a natural basis
  • Size: 15 x 10 x 3.8 cm
  • Age flashcard 0+
  • Age learning numbers 2+

The set consists of 24 cards; 12 cards with an image of animals or elements from nature and 12 number cards with the numbers 1 to 12 depicted in large. You can match these cards with each other and learn the numbers.
The cards have rounded corners to withstand baby's exploratory urge.
Printed with soy ink on recycled FSC cardboard.
The cards have a laminated layer on a natural basis.

Newborns see only high contrasts. Put the cards in the box for visual stimulation and promote brain development. As your baby's vision develops, he will become interested in more complex patterns and you can reverse the cards.
Make it a fun game. Match the correct image with the correct number.
What do you see on the cards? How many fish do you see? What sound does the animal make?

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