PIXIO Flags - 111


Creativity & imagination
Spatial awareness

With this set of 111 PIXIO blocks from the 'abstract' series you can not only make 83 different flags, but also other creative designs.

With the accompanying free app (iOS and Android), you can discover hundreds more interactive 3D design ideas. This way you have endless fun with the magnetic blocks.

TIP! PIXIO is also super fun and handy to take with you on holiday in a metal/magnetic box. This way you can make the most beautiful creations on the go without the blocks falling.

  • 111 Magnetic PIXIO Blocks Flags
  • red 32, white 28, blue 18, light blue 11, yellow 7, green 5, orange 5, black 5
  • PIXO block size: 8mm
  • Age: 6+

Caution: choking hazard!

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