Magnetic tile toppers - numbers 60 pieces


Concentration & memory
Logic & arithmetic skills

With these magnetic numbers 'Magnetic numbers toppers' from 'Coblo' you get even more playing and learning fun from your magnetic tiles. You can, as it were, 'stick' them to magnetic tiles such as Connetix, Magna Tiles and Cleverclixx.

With these colorful magnetic numbers, children can learn numbers in a fun way. Arrange the numbers from smallest to largest, do calculations or learn to write the numbers on a whiteboard.

  • 60 magnets with numbers and math symbols
  • Can be used on magnetic tiles such as Connetix, Magna Tiles, Cleverclixx or Coblo
  • Made of cardboard
  • Age: 3+

Please note: the toppers themselves are not magnetic. They do 'stick' firmly to magnetic tiles.

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