Silk Fairytale Skirt - rainbow

Sarah's Silks

Creativity & fantasy
Emotions & social behavior

This silk fairy skirt 'Rainbow Fairy Skirt' from 'Sarah's Silks' should not be missing in your dressing up box! The skirt is comfortable and versatile and can be worn as a skirt, over a T-shirt as a dress-up top or as a ruffled headdress.

Besides the fact that role playing is a wonderful game for children to express their imagination, it is also very valuable. While playing a role play, children pretend. They create scenarios, take on roles and solve problems. This helps in the development of creative thinking, imagination and logical reasoning.

  • 1 silk fairy skirt
  • Nice to combine with other items from the Sarah's Silks collection
  • Is made from 100% soft Chinese silk, natural and durable.
  • Dyed with non-toxic, eco-friendly dyes and safety tested for children of all ages.
  • Skirt length: 45cm
  • Size: +/- 3-9 years

    Hand wash
    Hang to dry and iron at a light temperature

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