Together Here

De Fontein

Concentration & memory
Language and communication
Environmental awareness

Oliver Jeffers wrote this loving book 'Together Here' immediately after the birth of his son. His message is universal: 'Welcome to earth. This can be a confusing place, especially if you've only just arrived. This book can be your guide at the start of your journey. You will discover much more yourself. The world can be very complicated, but it is actually all very simple: you just have to be kind.

Reading is good for language development. It increases and enriches the vocabulary, making it easier for the child to express his own thoughts. Reading can contribute to social development. A child can empathize with different characters and learns that one person can think differently about a situation or event than another. Furthermore, reading improves the child's ability to concentrate and can stimulate the imagination.

  • Author: Oliver Jeffers
  • Number of pages: 48
  • Size: 28.8cm x24.7cm x1.1cm
  • Age: 4+ years

Children who are read to have a familiar feeling with books, so there is a good chance that they will later become enthusiastic readers themselves. They will be able to read independently more quickly. They will also be less bored at school, they will be more eager to learn, they will have broader general knowledge and they will develop better.

Binding: hardcover
Edition: 1st
Release date: November 2018

Interactive reading; You can involve your child more in the story by asking questions, for example.
Afterwards you can talk about the story and your child's experiences in order to create an imagination with the living environment.
Reading together before going to sleep ensures peace and regularity.
Try to act out the story in the book with the whole family. This way the child will fully live the event. With the help of reenacting you can pay attention to story comprehension.

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