Sensory domino

Andreu toys

Concentration & Memory
Spatial Awareness
Motor Skills

A sensory domino game 'Sensory Domino' from the Spanish brand Andreu Toys. The tactile toy consists of 28 dominoes with 7 different embossed patterns and has different game options.

For the little ones, the large dominoes feel nice and help to perceive different patterns, tactile recognition and hand-eye coordination .
Older children can play dominoes with the wooden game. By playing board games, children learn social-emotional skills such as: working together and dealing with disappointment in case of loss. But also cognitive skills such as logical thinking, concentration & memory and problem solving are stimulated.

  • 28 dominoes with 7 different patterns
  • Cotton storage bag
  • Is made from FSC certified wood
  • Dimensions domino: 6cm x 12cm x 1cm
  • Age: 2+ years

Andreu Toys develops wooden toys and games that will be played with for years. In addition, the play material has educational applications. Play and learn, developing motor skills, stimulating imagination and promoting concentration. The educational toys are manufactured with eco-sustainable and high-quality raw materials.

Divide six dominoes among 2 or 4 players. The other dominoes are placed with the engraved side on the table. The first player places a domino on the table. Be the first player to try to clear all the tiles by placing the corresponding reliefs on the sequence.Put the dominoes up one after the other for a chain reaction after knocking down the first tile.Find the patterns together and form a chain

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