Sensory bottle sound - Unicorn

Petit Boum

Concentration & memory

A sensory bottle of 'Sound Bottle Unicorn' from 'Petit Boum'. The bottle is filled with stones, glitter attributes and a unicorn. Observing the bottle helps children develop and relax. Move the bottle back and forth and discover the magic of sound.

The 'Petit Boum' sensory bottles promote children's concentration and stimulate sensory development and curiosity.

  • 1 Sensory bottle with a double, tamper evident cap
  • Is made from unbreakable recyclable plastic with a maple wood cap, free from BPA, metals and phthalates
  • Dimensions: 14cm x 4cm
  • Age: 3+ months

Please note: the sensory bottles should not be immersed in water or exposed to the sun for a long time. Cleaning: For cleaning we recommend wiping with a damp cloth.

Spy Bottles: inside each spy bottle you will find a natural environment, with animals that will become the protagonists of your child's imagination. Children enjoy finding the animals, imitating them, lining them up and making stories or just learning about the different ecosystems. So you can use the content for sensory play.

Sound Bottles: look, shake and listen! The sound bottle provides visual and auditory stimulation, from the softest to the strongest sounds.

Float Bottles: the sensory float bottle provides light, color and magic. With this bottle, inspired by nature's color palette, children discover colors and wonder about light. They stimulate their concentration while they find a moment of peace.

Touch Bottles: each touch bottle contains ready-made play materials for your child to enjoy playing with. Use the contents of these bottles in a play area for sensory play. The bottle can be opened.

Move Bottles: when the move bottle is shaken the journey begins! Planets, astronauts, animals… start to float due to the change in density of the liquid. In a daydream full of bubbles that appeals to the imagination and helps to relax.

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