Toy cleaner

Attitude - little ones


With the Attitude toy and surface cleaner you can safely and easily clean your child's toys or other surfaces. The cleaner is perfume-free, hypoallergenic and has a fresh scent of pure essential oils. Easy cleaning for any type of surface: stainless steel, wood, enamel, painted or laminated surfaces, extractor hoods, glass. Use: spray and wipe with a dry, clean cloth.

  • Bottle of toy cleaner
  • Content: 800ml

Ingredients:Caprylyl glucoside (<5%), myristyl glucoside (<5%), sodium citrate (<5%), sodium bicarbonate (<5%), aqua (>30%)

Properties of all Attitude household products: 

All ingredients, including perfumes , are free of carcinogenic chemicals (including 1,4-dioxane and ethylene oxide), mutagens and reproductive toxicants.

Tested by an independent labCertified eco-friendly by UL-EcoLogo, the most recognized certification in North America

CO2 neutral: ATTITUDE products are made using 100% renewable energy and we plant trees to offset our unavoidable greenhouse gas emissions

Not tested on animals


Fragrance derived from natural ingredients, hypoallergenic, according to International Fragrance Association (IFRA) standards

Can be safely deposited in septic tank

Vegan product

Plant based and biodegradable (OECD 301)

Keep out of reach of children

Made in Canada

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