Play mat Acorn

Wee Gallery

€56.95 €94.95
Motor Skills
Monochrome play mat from Wee Gallery in the shape of an acorn. In contrasting black and white colors to stimulate your baby's senses. The quilted details and the leaf in crisp fabric provide additional tactile challenges. The play mat is ideal for "tummy time" and also looks great in your interior.
  • Material 100% organic cotton, filled with OEKO-Tex polyester
  • Size 90 x 115cm
  • Age 0month +

The play mat can be easily rolled up and held together with the handle, ideal for storing or taking it with you. The handle is not a toy, just functional, keep it away from your baby's reach.

Discover the crackling fabric. By coming into contact with different colors and shapes, your baby learns all about the world around him in a playful way. For example, he learns to recognize objects and understand connections, for example that something crackles when he touches it.

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