Play side - large


Creativity & imagination

This colorful silk cloth 'Playsilk Rainbow' stimulates the imagination of children. Use the silk to dress up, as a dollhouse dress and blanket, to play peek-a-boo, to stir a pot like soup, to dance and sway to music and much more.

Play silk is an inspiring, magical toy that children want to play with again and again. The open-ended nature of play silk ensures that creativity and imagination are stimulated. Playing with play silk also offers a sensory experience due to the soft, comfortable texture of the cloth. Due to the endless play possibilities, play silk is suitable for all ages and the beautiful quality means it will last for years.

  • 1 Play side cloth in rainbow colors
  • Is made from 100% Chinese silk, natural and sustainable.
  • The silk is dyed with dyes that are fixed with a low pH dye bath. Non-toxic dyes.
  • Dimensions 86cm x 86cm
  • Age: 0+ years

Hand wash, hang dry and iron low.

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