Teddy Zoo - storage cupboard cuddly toys

Design Rocket

Emotions & social behavior

The 'Teddy Zoo' from 'Design Rocket' is a storage cupboard for cuddly toys. A cuddly toy plays an important role in the emotional development of children. A hug offers comfort and security and helps develop social skills. Cuddly toys can be part of role play.
With the 'Zoo' all cuddly toys are visible and attractive for children to play with. The elastic cord makes it easy for children to put the cuddly toys in and out. This way, even the littlest ones can easily play with their cuddly toys. When playtime is over, the cuddly toys can go back to sleep in the 'Zoo' and the room will be tidy again.

  • Storage cabinet 'Zoo' in size Small
  • The cabinet must be assembled according to the manual
  • Made from 9mm birch plywood
  • Dimensions: 61cm x 42cm x 30cm

Teddy Zoo is designed and produced by Design Rocket, everything is handmade in Denmark.

Teddy Zoo is handmade from birch wood and wear to the laser cut black edges may occur over time. You have the option to give your own touch to your Teddy Zoo by treating it with oil or beeswax. Teddy Zoo is made from 9mm birch plywood, which ensures fantastic quality and long lasting durability, lightweight and beautiful to look at.

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